Gina Malvestuto started bookkeeping for a non-for-profit group while still a Senior in High School. Since then she has worked with and helped businesses in the Fox Valley Area get their office in order. While working in a larger CPA office she realized that the small business weren't getting the attention that they needed and deserved. She understood that there had to be flexibility and that the normal business hours of a small business isn't just from 9-5. That each business has their own special needs and they don't fit a mold.


​​Keeping you focused on what you do best

​​​​​Green Tree Bookkeeping, Inc.

Gina has been the Treasurer for two non-for profit groups and believes strongly in giving back to the community. She is married and has a son. She is also involved with the PTA, Autisms Speaks and her son's school library. She LOVES a good book and enjoys be-bopping to all kinds of music.